Q96 Brain Support for ADHD, Autism, Anxiety and Depression, powdered drink

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This product is only available in the “Berries and Bananas” flavor.

EMPowerplus™Q96 is the most-researched micronutrient formula in the world and is unlike any other vitamin or mineral supplement on the market. It is used to treat moderate to severe symptoms associated with mental imbalances. It is especially helpful for individuals experiencing symptoms of ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, or who have a traumatic brain injury or Alzheimers. Research has show that it is even affective for autism. It can also improve memory and the ability to focus. Q96 is recommended for individuals with moderate to severe symptoms.*

Micronutrients for mind and body: EMPowerplus™Q96 Powder Formula is perfect for kids or others who don’t like to swallow capsules. EMPowerplus™Q96 Mandarin Orange is specially formulated to provide essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system and deliver a balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in a safe and effective dose for both children and adults.* Suggested Use: Take one rounded scoop twice a day. Mix with four to eight ounces of liquid, such as milk, juice, or yogurt. Must be consistent with dosages to see results. Take for 10 days before evaluating results. For continued results, use product consistently.

Clinical studies have shown that daily ingestion of EMPowerplus™Q96 can help improve cognitive ability in children with autism and ADHD (see research at the links provided below).

Key Benefits:

• Supports overall brain health
• Increases ability to focus
• Helps with mood stability
• Soothes irritability and anger
• Improves cognition and memory
• Promotes Calm, Coping, and Clarity


• Quick and easy absorption.
• Unique 96-hour micronization and nano-chelation process increases bioavailability for maximum nutrient uptake in the brain.
• Backed by scientific studies conducted at major universities in four countries, as well as research published in peer-reviewed journals.

Clinical studies:


https://youtu.be/cNmHaV49row – VIDEO: Discovery Health Channel documentary on EMPowerplus Q96

Video testimonials:

• “I am happy Mom!” https://vimeo.com/95181188
• “8 years” https://vimeo.com/83330645
• “Tony Stephan’s story” https://vimeo.com/68631771

To get this product for a reduced price, when not already on sale, please text: “Q96” to 435-764-3093

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

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