HealthGuardRx™ Detoxifying Deodorant–Solid



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Finally a solid deodorant that actually works for men and women! HealthGuardRx™ Solid has all of the great detoxifying ingredients found in the HealthGuardRx™ Oil Blend with the added benefits of other natural ingredients for those who prefer a more mild scent in a solid base.  Whether you are exercising, working in the heat, traveling, or relaxing, this blend will kill bacteria, promote lymphatic cleansing, and keep you smelling fresh ALL day long!

Ingredients: moisturizing & soothing coconut oil, odor eliminating and absorbant baking soda, arrowroot powder, beeswax, and of course HealthGuardRx™ detoxifying proprietary essential oil blend, which includes the following 100% pure essential oils:

Tea tree: kills odor producing bacteria

Frankincense: helps flush out irregular cells (i.e. cancer cells), anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cellular protectant, natural anti-depressant

Citrus blend: helps with lymphatic drainage, kills odor producing bacteria, anti-parasitic, stimulates lymphatic system, natural anti-depressant, reduces cellulite, aids immune system

Patchouli: emotionally grounding, kills odor producing bacteria, uplifting, protector of central nervous system, calming, natural anti-depressant, natural anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory

Lavender: calming, natural anti-depressant, natural anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

2.65 ounces, solid


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