Comfort Therapeutic Blend with Peaceful Child® and transdermal magnesium, 2 oz. gift size


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Comfort is a therapeutic massage blend specially formulated with Peaceful Child® essential oil for calming nerves and tensed muscles due to stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, or physical exhaustion. The transdermal magnesium is a superb natural remedy that helps to heal nerves and sooth painful, tight muscles. It also promotes relaxation and better sleep. Magnesium, in it’s transdermal form, is quickly absorbed through the skin, oftentimes bringing immediate relief from pain and anxiousness. When used regularly, magnesium (in both oral and transdermal forms) has also been found to help calm tics in children and adults as well as restless leg syndrome.

Directions: Shake well. Rub liberally on the bottom of feet and calve muscles at night before bed to promote better sleep. Rub on lower back, shoulders, and neck to sooth tension.