Endocrine Healing Pack–Thyroid, Hoshimotos, Adrenal Fatigue, Metabolism, Low Energy, Hair Loss


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ADRENAL MENDER for adrenal fatigue and adrenal support was created to help lower chronic high levels of cortisol in the blood stream, as a result of constant stress. Adrenal fatigue is rapidly becoming an epidemic for busy women who are trying to do it all day after day. When a person is chronically stressed, their adrenal glands become taxed and overworked from pumping out cortisol all day long. After months of chronic stress, the adrenal glands finally become exhausted and quit doing their job as well as they used to. The result is terrible fatigue around 3 PM and 9 PM; lack of energy throughout the day; poor memory; depression; weight gain; cravings for salty snacks in the evening; and an inability to handle stress.

ADRENAL MENDER is helpful when used alone, but is especially effective when used together with THYROID BOOSTER. This is because most individuals who have adrenal issues also have thyroid disorders.

You may also want to supplement with a raw adrenal glandular plus a supplement that helps strengthen the nervous system against stress (“Daily Stress Formula” by Pure Formulations is an excellent choice!). You will also need to reduce stress in your life and try to get 9-10 hours of sleep a night for at least 3-6 months.

DIRECTIONS: To reduce cortisol levels, apply Adrenal Mender to the back of neck and insides of wrists 3 times a day, or during moments of intense stress. Inhale vapors deeply and slowly through the nose three times.

INGREDIENTS: Rosemary (drops cortisol levels), Peppermint (improves mental alertness), Lavender (calms stress response), Clove Bud (reduces cortisol levels, anti-inflammatory, inhibits abnormal cell growth), Holy Basil (reduces cortisol levels), Nutmeg (mimics adrenal gland function, therefore relieving adrenal exhaustion), and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

THYROID BOOSTER is for stimulating a sluggish, underactive thyroid from Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism. It is also for preventing the development of nodules. It can also help shrink nodules when used regularly and in combination with an anti0inflammatory diet.

INGREDIENTS: Rosemary (Rosmarinic acid effectively kills proliferating T-cells, slowing the autoimmune response), Peppermint (stimulates thyroid organ), Frankincense (destroys damaged cells and promotes healthy cell production, increases regulatory T cells, which help to suppress autoimmunity), Myrrh (known to stimulate the healthy production of T3), Lemongrass (anti-inflammatory), Clove (stimulates thyroid gland), Holy Basil (lowers cortisol levels), Turmeric (anti-inflammatory), Piperine (enhances effects of turmeric), Fractionated Coconut Oil

You may also want to add the following supplements to your diet:

Vitamin B6 (600 mg/day); Selenium (400 mg/day); ashwagandha (500 mg/day); s-acetyl l-glutathione (powerful antioxidant for thyroid, 100 mg/day); and acerola cherry powder (provides a copper ion needed for a healthy thyroid, 1 tsp./day). All of these things can be taken with your thyroid medication, but please check with your doctor. If you are not currently taking thyroid medication, you may want to consider also adding a raw thyroid glandular to your regimen.

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