“I just wanted to say a big thank you to whoever it was that came up with the Peaceful Child Blend. I have been using it for about a week on my son, who up until Christmas break was having a very difficult time staying calm and focused at school. He was even suspended twice in one week. He is 7 years old with ADHD and Asberger’s. This week is his first week back to school since starting to use this home made blend and he has had an AWESOME week. The teacher even commented today on how he is a totally different child. He stays seated during class and is calm and able to remain focused. When his bullies try to push his buttons he is able to calmly walk away and tell a teacher instead of getting all worked up and fighting back. Again a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! I don’t know who you are, but you are my hero. Because of this blend, I have my sweet little boy back.” ~ Jessica H.

“Since I have started using Peaceful Child essential oil blend on Cooper, I have seen drastic improvements on his day to day behavior. Hardly any outbursts or meltdowns and even a received a principal shining start award for his behavior improving in school! I can’t believe this stuff, it’s great!” ~ Christine H.

“I can’t tell enough people about this oil blend!!! I know 5 people that have ordered it since I told them how great Dylan is doing since he started using it! 😊
Thank you so much for making the peaceful child blend!!! I can’t tell you enough how amazing it has been for my 7 year old son!! I had to let you know how this oil has changed our lives!!! God bless you!!!!! 😊 My son is almost 7 and he has been on 4 different medications for ADHD and none of them worked! He was losing weight and miserable! His teacher asked to speak to me everyday after school to tell me how he couldn’t sit still and talked all day! He wouldn’t stop fidgeting or humming! I was at a loss as to what to do! We decided to spend the summer finding an alternative to medication. I was on an ADHD parental support site and someone suggested the “peaceful Child” oil blend to me. I read the testimonials and really thought that there was no way a blend of oils could help my son if medication couldn’t. But at my wits end as to how I could help my son I reluctantly ordered the oil. We have been applying the oil to his feet and chest every morning and every night before bed for almost 3 weeks and I CAN NOT believe that amazing affect that it is having on my son!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more fighting before bedtime, no more repeating my self 100 times for him to get dressed in the morning! He actually reminds me every morning after he gets out of the shower “Mama don’t forget to put on my oil!” He loves how he can focus now and keep his body still when he needs to! Every single day when I pick him up from school I ask his teacher “how was today?” and she says “We had a GREAT day!” At the end of the first week of school I actually broke down in tears of happiness in my car after picking him up from school! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing our lives!!! We have only used 1/4 of the bottle and my husband said “we are getting low on the oil! Buy a case of that stuff!” LOL My husband jokingly had me apply it to his feet one night after a few nights of bad sleep, and I did. Within 3 minutes he was sound asleep and the next morning said he hadn’t slept that good in years!!!!! We are all benefiting from the “Peaceful Child” oil! I haven’t seen my son smile this much since he was a toddler!! Thank you so much for shring this amazing oil blend with the world!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!!” ~Haley M, Massachusetts

“I work with a therapist who diffuses the Peaceful Child blend in her office. The difference in her sessions – especially with add/adhd clients – has been significant. I now keep an inventory in her office which includes the blend….People are so drawn to this blend – it is amazing.” ~Rochelle Kiggins

“We tried Peaceful Child on our son a little over a month ago. The effects the oils have on him has given us back our child. It’s amazing how the oils have calmed him and allowed him to work through his frustrations instead of reacting to them. It has decreased his impulsivity and has allowed him the freedom to focus on tasks. It hasn’t “cured” him as we still have struggles as with any child; however, the fog has lifted and our son is learning to sort through the emotions and behaviors to choose the right ones for the situation. We can tell the next day if we miss an evening dose so we try hard not to miss any. We are not on any medications for behaviors such as lack of focus, impulsivity, aggression, etc. His teachers and therapists have commented on the difference that they are seeing. This oil combined with a change in diet, sessions with a holistic chiropractor, and consistent behavior management at home & school, has changed our lives. We are sold on this blend and the benefits it has displayed for our son and our family. We tell everyone about this oil! Thank you so much!” ~Tiffany S.

“We Have a 9 year old adopted son, who has multiple diagnosis’s, from Asperger Syndrome, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Effects, Extreme ADHD, but the most difficult is the Reactive attachment disorder. We adopted him at age 3 1/2 and he had a few of the diagnosis’ but as time went on more and more issues showed themselves. We sought help in every corner and tried all kinds of medications. As he got older the trials got worse. If you have never lived with a child with Reactive Attachment disorder than you have no idea what a family goes through to raise that child. Children with this diagnosis, guard their heart and don’t let anyone in, he feels a need to take care of his own needs, and set his own rules. Our son, was very disconnected, no empathy, stealing daily, lying hourly, hoarding food, violent at times at home, consistently testing the rules. These kids know how to play the public and put on a good front in front of people but at home is rough for the whole family. I can try and try to paint a picture for you to understand but until you live with a child like him you can not understand the stress on the family, the fear at times of the future, and how your heart will break for this child. [A friend] had mentioned a blend called PEACEFUL CHILD, I then researched it and ordered right away. Within ONE day we had eye contact, empathy, and connection, he a total adherence to the rules. He let the guard he had up on his heart down and decided it was okay for us to be his parents and care for him. We are now on week 5 with no lying, stealing, hoarding. He has changed so much that people ask me daily what we have done different. His councilors, who see him weekly, were even impressed with the drastic change in him. He is off one of the 3 medications he is on and we are working toward weaning him off the next.” ~Chanda Jarvis

“Hello. I would first like to say that when I bought this I really didn’t think to much in it just hoped it would relax my son a bit. The first night I applied this to his feet he was so relaxed and slept without any problems. I could not believe it. I really like your blend.” ~Vickie 

“I have a five year old son who has Sensory Processing Disorder, Tourette’s, and some other issues that make it hard for him to function like other kids his age. His behavior and tics were getting worse, so in the fall, I ordered Peaceful Child. I was shocked that after a few weeks his tics were completely GONE! He also started talking to other kids in his class! He is more focused and confident. He also started sleeping through the night! I recently ran out and saw his behavior return, tics and all. Because of a shipping issue, I couldn’t receive your blend quick enough, so I ordered another very popular blend that supposedly treats many of these same issues. I found that my son had no reaction to it, and his behavior just got worse. I am happy to say that I received your blend yesterday, and my baby is already tic free! I am already seeing a difference! Thank you so much!” ~Kelly D.

“My personal experience with PC was for Quinn. He began having night terrors and not sleeping. He would scream and cry — no SCREAM and cry– at night. I finally took him to the pediatrician for a diagnosis. I decided to try the Peaceful Child. The first night we used it, he never fully woke up (he was easily comforted back to sleep when he wimpered or cried, NO screaming). I used it for two months, slowly getting him to sleep through the night; however I noticed a difference on nights nate put him to bed without the oils. Now we only use it every once in a while. I would put the oil on the bottoms of his feet and his wrists, then massage any remaining over his heart. I have also used PC for Miles during particularly anxious/sad days. I’m excited to order it in the roll-on container.” ~Mandi Miles

“Deborah…thank you for this special blend. It not only helps children, but has worked for my husband who is a disabled veteran with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has suffered from daily anxiety/panic attacks for more than 20 years. Sometimes multiple attacks in a single day. He often can not leave our home. This blend has helped him more than ANYTHING he has ever been given for these issues. What a blessing in our lives, thank you once more–those words don’t begin to express my gratitude, but they are all I have.” ~ Jodi Jones

“The Peaceful Child blend is really helping my (almost) 7 year old son stay calm and more focused. When he broke his arm a few weeks ago he was really irritable and worried about it…I put some of Peaceful Child on him and he really started to be comforted and at ease. Previous before his accident he was having a hard time staying focused at school and his teacher would send notes home every now and then. I didn’t know what else to do! It was a blessing to know Deborah and come across this wonderful blend! The notes haven’t been coming home and he has better grades since I used the blend. Only one note came home from his teacher when I forgot to put the blend on him 2 days in a row…that is when I started using it-and now it is routine. I have even used the blend on my teething toddler…it has helped magnificently!” ~Rachelle Neely

“I received the Peaceful Child blend (thank you!) and have been using it 2x/day for about a week. Wow, what a huge difference!! My husband asked if he was the same child 😉 …this oil has helped him get off to a good start for the school year!”  ~Penny Stange

 “I want to give you an update on my daughter with using Peaceful Child. It has been 2 weeks. She loves the smell, so no problems with putting it on. It makes her sleep so good! During the day I see it leveling her out. She has gone from extended release Focalin (15 mg) in the morning, plus a small dose again at 3 pm for homework (plus sleeping meds at night) to only taking 1 Focalin (5 mg) in the AM!!!” ~Kimberly Juarez

“The Peaceful Child oil has been such a blessing for my 4 year old son. It has helped him calm down and be able to focus. After only trying one bottle, I have seen such an improvement in him. It was even more noticeable how much it was helping him when I accidentally ran out. I am so grateful that I was told about this oil and the best part is it is all natual. Thank you so much for making this oil.” ~Paige, Florida

“I’m happy to say Megan has been using Peaceful Child for the last 3 weeks and is doing amazing! We have our little girl back! Her sparkling spunky personality is shining through while at the same time she isn’t as impulsive, has better control over her emotions, and is much more compliant. This seems like a miracle!! I am so hopeful this school year will go well. I am definitely spreading the word! School starts on Monday. I am praying all the progress we have seen at home shines through in the classroom.” ~Amy

“I’ve been Peaceful Child for my 8 year old son who was having motor tics and problems with focusing and such at school and, oh my goodness, when I took him back to the doctor they couldn’t believe that the tics were gone and that he was doing better in school!” ~Rachael N., Texas

“I just got my new 10 ml roller bottle of Peaceful Child blend in the mail. I love your new business card! The first thing I saw was the back, and the phrase “Peace is Possible” made me just about start to cry. I love your updated explanation letter, and I love your new bottle label. Then I opened the bottle and smelled the blend, and if I hadn’t been feeling so peaceful, I would have kicked myself for not getting more sooner. Why did I let my supply lapse? I need this stuff as much as my son! Thank you, thank you, thank you, once again for all your hard work and for such a wonderful product.” ~Ivy K.

“Hi Deborah, just wanted to say a quick thank you…..I started my son on peaceful child on 22nd October, I use it religiously every day…..I feel like I have my boy back, so nice to see him smiling, laughing and being physically active, he is like a different child! So much more grounded and peaceful! I’ve even started his five year old sister on it a couple of days ago. From the bottom of my heart I thank-you and I’m spreading the word here in oz about your amazing blend, god bless xxx.”  ~Kylie B.South Australia